A nurse right in your pocket

Print design


Project:  Ask NHS market testing campaign
Client:  Sensely UK

The challenge

There is a growing problem with patients struggling to access GP services in the midlands. This is due to a number of factors; an ageing population causing a strain on the existing system and patients attending GP appointments that aren't really needed. On top of this a growing number of no shows wasting available appointment slots.

Sensely UK have developed an intelligent nurse avatar smartphone app that actually interacts and talks to its users and makes suggestions based on what it learns. It signpost users to appropriate NHS services, schedules GP appointments and helps manage patient medications.

The app does a lot to help the problem. The challenge is getting patients to use the app instead of just presenting at their GP surgery. The are some old school attitudes at play; older patients are traditionally slow to adopt new technology solutions and a large number of patients in general believe its there right to see there GP whenever they wish.


Our solution

We approached the campaign by developing a dialogue with patients through  conversational speech bubbles. The conversations relate to every circumstances and concerns a person my have. The creative works to easy in the potential use of the app using common language and playful colour and imagery. The message is simple the app is here to help in your day to day live and it really is easy to use.