Branding for SME's

Much has been written about brands, resulting in a mind boggling array of theories and best practice beliefs, that are there to be cherry picked and built upon by anyone involved in the branding arena. Each and every branding agency, for example, develops their own individual methodology, to equip themselves with a toolkit for differentiating their own brand, amidst the cacophony of competitors.

In the middle of all this sits the marketer who is planning a branding project for their business. First they have to wrestle a budget from the FD. Then they have to wade through a considerable amount of market and sales data in order to formulate an argument. Finally, they have to create a plan that stands a chance of convincing the board to take a deep breath and press the ‘go’ button. After all, it is the exception rather than the rule to find a business where the whole board has wholeheartedly bought into the need for a new brand strategy, and everything this entails. But that’s just the beginning of the process, and from there, everything becomes even more complex.

Diving headlong into the agency jungle is the first hurdle, in a bid to find someone who has the right experience and skills. On paper that’s the easier part of the equation to resolve, given the potential number of contenders there are to choose from. However, finding someone who is right for the company’s culture, who can work within the business and win over the stakeholders, can be a much more difficult challenge.

Then there is the organisation itself to manage, which is often a minefield for the marketer to navigate, with both objective and subjective views coming into play. But perhaps most difficult of all, when rolling out a new identity that promises more to the market, is ensuring the organisation itself lives up to the obligation it places upon them. This is never more tricky than when any significant change strategy is underway.

A rebrand is not for the faint-hearted, but fear not! In the right hands the process can be much simpler to manage than the noise surrounding the whole branding industry suggests.

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