Not just trained,
CIWM trained

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The challenge

CIWM approached us to work them to develop a new sub-brand identity for the training arm of the business. CIWM’s training courses bring in a large percentage of their revenue but little work had been done previously to set out how they communicate all the benefits of doing training through CIWM. As a Charter Institution it was clear they had the competitive edge, prospective customers where that getting the full message.

Project:  CIWM training visual identity
Client:  The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management


Our solution

Within waste management CIWM are very important. Being a chartered Institution means that they should be the first stop when deciding where to do industry training. For us it was clear that if your aren’t CIWM trained you aren’t fully trained. The new sub brand works to show how CIWM sits above the rest and ticks all the right boxes. As part of the identity we created a training