Don't keep
it zipped

Visual identity
Print design


Project:  Awareness campaign
Client:  NHS Northamptonshire

The challenge

Getting anyone to talk about something as serious and personal as sexual assault and rape is very difficult. There is a huge stigma about coming forward when someone is a victim of such a crime. One of the main barriers is talking to the police, especially as a large number of victims are assaulted by someone they know personally. The SARC (Sexual Assault and Rape Centre) in Northamptonshire, called ‘Serenity’ is a safe and confidential place for both Women and Men to come and seek help and advice.

NHS Northamptonshire set out to tackle low referral rates in the county made putting a bold and direct message to the population.


Our solution

We created the ‘Don’t Keep it Zipped’ campaign. Its main purpose to attract attention through a level of shock and impact. Sexual Assault and Rape has been a silent crime, we wanted to lift the stigmas and get people talking. The campaign was aimed at women and men and encouraged them to come forward and seek help.



Working in partnership with Greater East Midlands CSU Social Marketing team as part of a large range of activity the campaign helped increase self referrals to Serenity by 80% over a 3 month period. 

The work also won a AHCM Award for ‘Best Social Marketing Campaign’.


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