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The challenge

OrangeTek is one of the top 5 LED street lighting companies in the UK. They have achieved this is a short space of time having only been in operation 14 years. A newborn when compared to its business contemporaries. 

This quick rise to the the top five had been achieved through a bold and unique (to the street lighting industry) campaign of market disruption. Going very much against the traditional practices of the market.

Although initially successful OrangeTek's brand and marketing started to slow in progress as the market place went through a large change. Instead of the local authorities purchasing products directly for their lighting schemes all procurement  power was shifting to large construction firms now being tasked to handle the complete budgets.

OrangeTek’s brand communicated effectively with local authorities but was struggling to do the same with the large construction businesses. The brand simply wasn't talking the right sector language.

Project:  Corporate rebrand
Client:  OrangeTek


Our solution

We partnered with OrangeTek to deliver a full corporate rebrand. Starting with internal and external stakeholder and market research, through developing the new brand personality and core proposition then onto brand identity, management and rollout.

For us the focus was clear. Develop a brand that represented the companies maturing status within the market, giving it the ability to talk appropriately to its new target audience. The development journey pointed us strongly to a new set of values that retained the energy of the previous brand, while adding assured and reliable qualities. These qualities helped us to more positively place OT in the mind of its new customers.

The OT infinity 'O' of the new brand logo represents continuous light motion, giving the mark a renewable quality that is aligned with OrangeTek's strong environmental sustainability values.  Sector language analysis pointed to a more assured colour palette. The orange was toned down from the original ultra bright version and the OT dark blue was introduced to help add confidence.